Arc Energy Co.

Arc Energy Co is taking a different direction when it comes to providing the Bakersfield community with solutions to their energy needs. With total transparency and honest prices, we walk you through every step of the process, helping you make the best choice that you can make for your home and family. In our Bakersfield solar showroom, you can experience the actual panels and equipment that will be used in your specific installation. We'll explain how your system operates, and can answer any questions that you may have as thoroughly as possible. We want the customer to feel knowledgeable and ready when they take the leap to solar!

Residential Solar

Residential solar energy systems are on the rise as the future of home energy generation and a wise financial decision. Solar electricity benefits the environment as well as being cost-effective. The ideal solar solutions for your energy consumption demands will be provided by our knowledgeable solar advisors at Arc Energy Co.

Commercial Solar

Installing renewable energy generating capacity to compensate for your electricity use is a wise business move that protects your company from rising electricity bills and reflects your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Battery Storage

You have more control over your energy thanks to battery storage, which enables you to store solar energy for emergencies and power outages. More comprehensive power is also possible with some batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall. It might be difficult to choose, buy, and install your home batteries, especially if you already have a solar power system.

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